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Source Text

You appear in a full tavern where the patrons share a bored but companionable silence.

Finally, an orc stands up, looks around, and says, “Anybody wanna fight?”

Will you take him on or bet on the outcome?

Basic voiceline

Enriched by our AI

Why Text to Speech

Audios for YouTube and FB Videos

Speech for Onboarding videos

Quick voice acting for games

Audiobooks to distribute

Professional voices for Educational Video

Amazon Alexa skills & Google Actions

What's inside

Advanced Speech Recognition Technology

It mimics a human voice more natural than the best existing Text-to-Speech systems, reducing the gap with human performance by over 50%.

AI-generated SSML,
made with love

Voice Enricher's AI markups your text automatically to make pauses, accents, voiceline changes in the necessary places.

We combined our expertise and best practices to make custom SSML rules that deliver the best effect.

Sounds to highlight actions (upcoming)

Voice Enricher's AI recognizes the context of your message to combine it with the best sounds from our library.

For example, if you use news-related message engine could place timpani sound at the beginning of it for users to pay attention.

By the way, it contains more than 200 different sounds.

Music to engage users

Do you want to make your messages more human and engaging? Just let us know.

We could adjust music we already have in our library, or use your custom one to play in the background.

How it works

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